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Staffan & I
Mamis principe:

La primera mirada a mi angelito, que ese momento no sabiamos si era nino o nina, asi que durante los nueve meses se llamo Pluttis.
(First time we got a view of out little angel, at this time we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so during the nine months it was called Pluttis)

Recien llagadita al hospital, toda entusiasmada y contenta que ya era hora, aunque no nacio hasta el dia siguiente... 24 horas despues de haber llegado al hospital. 
(Recently gotten to the hospital, all excited and happy that it was time, although he wasn't born until the next day.. 24 hours after we had gotten to thehospital)

Born: 28th og July,2011
Weight: 3520 grams
Length:52 cm 

 Time really goes by wayyy to fast, specially when you've got a little one that shows how fast he developts and how he becomes more and more independent.

Caspers first easter!

Because he is too little...or perhaps because we didn't let him paint his easter egg I painted one for him, which I thought it was appropriate.
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