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Staffan & I
Staffan & I
Staffan and I started seeing each other the summer of 2005, almost six years later we go married.

 It was a suprice for everyone we knew mostly because we didn't tell anyone other then my grandparents who where our witness at the city hall and because I was only two months away from giving birth to our son. Although we did have a really nice dinner together with our family att Domtrappskällaren i Uppsala. At first they all thought we were going to eat dinner at a restaurant to celebrate my birthday (which was the day before) but then my granfather told everyone the real reason why we where have a nice dinner, that we had just gotten married.
 To some people this might seem unromantic and informal, and let me tell you that this was defently not the way I had thought I would get married either.
The reason why we got married was because we wanted that when our little baby came that he automaticly will be son to Staffan and the  all the legal rights that come with the marriage will facilitate. We didn't want this marriage to be a big deal either because we are planing to get married by the church and have the wedding of my dreams.


July 27th, it most have been the longest day of Staffans life! It might have been the longest one for me also but I was preoccupied with my contractions and breathing nitrous oxide.... 

Finally 24 hours late (24h after arriving to the hospital) Casper finally came.

This is our first picture as a family:

This must have been the happiest day of my life!
After carrying our baby for nine months, without knowing if it was a girl or a boy, with a lot of expectations and a bunch of emotions both regarding the baby and Staffan we finally got our little baby!

All emotions, expectations and whatever feeling I had, were gone.
Everything was great and I was so lively and I sure didn't feel the 24 hours of ''work''. It really was the most amazing feeling to see the baby that I had felt inside of me and see that everything was fine.
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