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What is it that you focus on? 
What are the things that you think the most during your day? 
Did you know that we have about 50 000 thought a day! And many of them we repeat day in and day out. 
 Many studies show how our thoughts affect us during the day and even what kind of life we live in.  Please don't get me wrong but like to example if you think that you are not able to do things, you won't put yourself out there to try new things because you are already ''programed'' that you are not able to do it. 
 So... What thoughts follow you like a 
scratched disc? Which thoughts should you just stop thinking and exchange them with the contrary? 

 What will matter att the end of the day? 
What will matter the day you are at the end of your days? Will you feel that you have done and given all you wanted? 
Don't hold up your feelings, tell your family, your family and others how much they mean for you! Don't be shy and give others complements, you never know how much that might mean for that person! 
 Make everyday count, see the beauty of the everyday things in life and show your happiness and greatfulness everyday and you will see how your life will get more and more rich on things that you will be greatful and thankful for! 

Love this quote, thanks to Ashley Cooper for a permanent reminder of this! 

For the past, the lessons and experience that came with it. For the moment right now,for those around me, those who love me, those who support me. For every opportunity that I get to be greater and grown and for the future that is waiting with greatness and even more lessons and wisdom and for all the new people that will come along the way. And of course grateful for the wellbeing of my family and myself so we can enjoy Life and Everything that comes with it! What are you greatful for?

Yesterday has already been, take your lessons with you, tomorrow is unknown so work on today and make today count! 

Being surrounded of positive thought, quotes that helps you move forward and people that will help you be a better person. 
 This picture will be the backside of my 2017 calender with some of my favorite quotes

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